The CalWORKs Program at SRJC serves students who are referred from the Sonoma County Human Services Department, Employment and Training Division, SonomaWORKS Program. Eligible students receive TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, or welfare) assistance. Students receive specialized counseling services provided by SRJC CalWORKs counselors, are the first to register for classes, and receive on-going support, like tailored workshops for parenting students. The county will support the students with books and supplies while attending college. In addition, county funds are available to cover the costs of childcare and transportation while students are attending classes and working. The program also serves Marin, and other, county CalWORKs students attending SRJC.

CalWORKs students are eligible for CalWORKs Study, a program that provides paid on-the-job training opportunities at both on- and off-campus job sites. In addition, an employment program provides assistance with job development and placement for CalWORKs students who are completing their educational programs at the College. These employment services assist students in building career ladders toward family self-sufficiency. Students who are receiving welfare or considering applying can contact the CalWORKs office for additional information.

For information about CalWORKs services or welfare regulations and how they impact students, contact the staff at (707) 527-4383 or visit the Web site at