General Education Statement of Philosophy

The General Education requirements for the Associate degree at Santa Rosa Junior College are intended to provide students with a broad yet integrated and coherent introduction to the skills, knowledge, and insights that are the foundation of a college education, the basis for career development, and the motivation for lifelong learning. The goal of General Education is to enable each student to recognize the value of intellectual inquiry, of physical well-being, of personal responsibility, and of ethical behavior; to discover the interdisciplinary nature of knowledge; to find joy in the process of self-discovery and creative expression; and to demonstrate critical awareness of and informed participation in the natural and social worlds in which we live. The intent of the educational ideals embodied in general education courses is to cultivate in each student:

An understanding of scientific principles and methods of inquiry.

An understanding of the complex and interdependent world and biosphere in which we live, including the issues that are essential to the long term well-being of the natural world and to the human community as part of that world.

Knowledge and appreciation of the arts, ideas, and values expressed in the world’s cultural traditions.

An understanding of history, the political and economic practices of societies, and the social and psychological dimensions of human behavior.

An understanding and appreciation of the differences and commonalties that exist within the pluralistic society of the United States, including the rights and responsibilities of participating within its democracy.

The completion of General Education at Santa Rosa Junior College represents a substantial achievement that has ongoing, lifelong value to the individual and to society.


The College shall maintain a current listing of general education requirements for the AA/AS degrees and make them available in the College Catalog and the Schedule of Classes. Changes to the General Education requirements and to the AA/AS degrees shall be reviewed by the Board of Trustees.
The general education requirements for the California State University system and the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) are also published in the College Catalog and the Schedule of Classes.

Policy 3.1 Revised May 2013