Student Health Services

Good health is essential to student success. Student Health Services contributes to the well-being and educational success of Santa Rosa Junior College students through a variety of health-related services. The department provides support services for the entire college community through communicable disease control, risk management activities related to accidents and behavioral incidents, optimizing maximum health insurance coverage as possible for students, maintaining referral lists, and more. The department’s web page provides online learning activities, access to an interactive online health magazine and health education and promotion resources. Health events and classroom presentations on health issues are provided. Individual students may be supported with a range of direct health services in the health centers to address barriers impacting their educational success.

Student Health Services provides direct medical, mental health, telehealth, administrative services on the 3rd Floor of Bertolini in Santa Rosa.  At SRJC Petaluma, medical and mental health are located at 610 Richard Call Building. Student Health Services provides direct services by District College Nurse Practitioners and Mental Health providers for any SRJC student enrolled in credit or non-credit courses. We also provide telehealth appointments. The healthcare providers in Student Health Services are a confidential resource for any student disclosing a Title IX violation.

Services include: appointments and drop-in care for students who are ill, injured, or have health questions/concerns; emergency first aid; crisis intervention, mental health counseling, health screening; health education and promotion activities; sexual and reproductive healthcare, enrollment in health insurance and/or food programs, and resource finding and referrals.

Students who are injured while participating in any college-sponsored and/or supervised activities, whether on or off-campus, may qualify for student accident insurance benefits. Any incident should be reported to Student Health Services as soon as possible to obtain assistance and information regarding the insurance coverage.

Student Health Services is supported by the student health fee. Most services in the clinic are free including mental health counseling and medical visits. Some immunizations and lab tests incur a fee for the student.

SRJC Student Health Services participates in the Naloxone Distribution Project (NDP) to combat opioid overdose-related deaths throughout California. This initiative is aimed to address the opioid crisis by reducing opioid overdose deaths through the provision of free naloxone.

Naloxone is a life-saving medication that works to reverse an opioid overdose while having little to no effects on an individual if opioids are not present in their system. Naloxone blocks opioid receptor sites, reversing the toxic effects of opioid overdose.

Check out the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) training video that highlights the knowledge and skills needed to prevent opioid-related deaths by using naloxone, a drug that can reverse an overdose. Visit the Student Health Center for more information on the use and location of opioid overdose reversal medication on campus.

Please see our website or call for the latest information of hours and service:

Santa Rosa Campus, Bertolini Building : 527-4445

Petaluma Campus, Richard Call: 778-3919

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During June and July, all sites are closed on Fridays.